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With state-of-the-art computer technology, our waterjet sub-contract cutting service is easily capable of slicing cleanly, efficiently and accurately through virtually any material - hard or soft, thick or thin - with the minimum of material wastage.

And, because our waterjet cutting service utilises water as a cutting force, minimal heat is generated during the cutting process effectively eliminating heat-effected zones in the cutting area. This means no thermal shock or heat damage to cut components - just a quick, clean environmentally ‘safe’ cut.

We currently process flat plate, round tube, square box section, circular and flat blade saws and have the flexibility to design and mount fixtures to process alternatives to flat plate profiles. And, for the perfect finish, we can also offer bevel edges as part of the cutting process.

Waterjet cutting can cut through a wide range of materials from glass to marble to foam to leather - all to meet your specific schedules and deadlines at extremely competitive prices with all the technical advice you’ll need!

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Waterjet Cutting Capabilities
Aluminium Armour Plate Ceramics Composites Laminates
Glass/Timber Hard Tool Steel Carbon Fibre/GRP/Kevlar
Stone/Marble/Granite Stainless Steel Timber

Waterjet Cutting Capacities
Aluminium up to 100mm thick
Armour plate up to 50mm thick
Brass up to 25mm thick
Ceramics up to 10mm thick
Glass up to 50mm thick
Marble up to 30mm thick
Plastics up to 80mm thick
Plates and sheet up to 3m x 1.5m
Steel up to 75mm thick
Stainless steel up to 70mm thick
Wood up to 100mm thick