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If you’re looking for a quick, accurate method of cutting a wide range of materials whilst still retaining good detail, our precision laser cutting facility will be of great interest to you.

We currently process flat plate, round tube, square box section, circular and flat blade saws and have the flexibility to design and mount fixtures to process alternatives to flat plate profiles.

We can service small to large sub-contract precision laser cutting and secondary operation requirements inhouse with competitive prices right across the range and with 24 hour operation and proven systems for administering orders quickly we are able to offer a very fast laser cutting turnaround service.

We can process product information in any format - from DXF CAD files on disc or email, to hand drawn artwork - all in accordance with our quality procedures and if you need advice, we have an experienced sales teams at each site offering technical advice and competitive pricing structures.

Our inhouse secondary operations include box section slotting, bending, drilling and tapping, counter sinking and boring, turning and milling, welding and metal finishing.

Call us now for your complete precision laser cutting solution on 024 7646 4094 or mobile on 07966 512898 or 07801 933952 or use our email link above.

Precision Laser Cutting Capabilities
Mild Steel
Stainless Steel
Tool Steel
Armour Plate
Chrome-Moly Steel
Ground Flat Stock

Precision Laser Cutting Capacities
Plates and sheet up to 4m x 2m
Steel up to 25mm thick
Stainless steel up to 40mm thick
Aluminium up to 25mm thick
Brass up to 10mm thick
Copper up to 10mm thick